Used Vehicle Sales Team

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We have used cars for sale at Kia Goldreef. All Pre-Owned vehicles sold by Kia Goldreef are AUTOMARK approved. This mark offers you, the customer complete peace of mind. In fact, the Kia Automark is regarded as one of the best Pre-Owned programmes. So if you are looking for a Pre-Owned vehicle, Kia or otherwise, Kia Goldreef is your destination of choice.


  • Kia certified used vehicles
  • Real value for money
  • Top-flight after-sales back-up
  • A wide selection of the finest used vehicles
  • A commitment to the highest standard of personal service
  • A national programme supported by Kia South Africa

Meet The Team

Zeyn Karolia

Sales Manager

Lerato Moshe

Sales Consultant

Farouk Dinat

Sales Consultant

Abdur-Rahmaan Abed

Sales Consultant

Johannes Lebepe

Sales Consultant